Benterud school, Lørenskog

Commissioned by Lørenskog municipality, Backe Romerike will develop Benterud school, which is a primary school with grades 1-7.

The school is planned to be expanded from two to four parallels with a total capacity of approximately 800 pupils. Teaching rooms are planned for an extended base for 20 children with special needs. In addition to the school extension, a multi-purpose hall the size of a handball court will be built. The multi-purpose hall is planned with a parking basement for approximately 40 cars.

Construction work at Benterud School started in March 2022, and is due to be completed in December 2023.

For this project, Jotne Ankers will supply balustrades in external and internal concrete and steel stairs, glass railings on the stands in the multi-purpose hall, steel stairs to the technical room and ladders to the roof.