Nexanstårnet i Halden

Nexanstårnet i Halden


In 1992, the cable company Nexans built a 100 meter high tower in Halden, and in 2010 20 meters were built on top of the tower. At that time, this was Norway's tallest building with its 120 meters.

Now in 2023, Nexans has broken its own Norwegian record by building a tower of 155 meters. The tower is the tallest on the mainland and is used for cable production.


Jotne Ankers has delivered for this project:

- Spiral staircase spiral staircase on the outside of the tower, approx. 140 meters

- Straight staircase to the top of the tower

- Walladder

- Ramps/walkways

- Various railings

- Railing to inside concrete stairs

- Various small straight stairs