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Jotne Ankers produces and delivers most types of railings for balconies, both according to architect's drawings and desired specifications.

Jotne Ankers delivers all types of stair railings for use both indoors and outdoors. Railings are adapted to requirements and needs in relation to applications.

Jotne Ankers has wide-ranging experience and competence with all types of interior railings for residential buildings, office premises, sports facilities, shopping centers etc.

Jotne Ankers supplies industrial railings for warehouses, platforms, treatment plants etc. The railings are delivered galvanized, lacquered or galvanized and lacquered.

Jotne Ankers delivers road traction as a protective fence by roads, walking and cycling paths, parking lots, parking garages etc.

Jotne Ankers delivers fenders of various kinds, such as driving protection in parking garages, in parking lots, car shops, meeting places etc.

Jotne Ankers delivers stainless steel railings with a design and surface according to the customer's wishes for use both indoors and outdoors.