Spiral Staircases

Spiral staircases are used both as access stairs and fire escapes. All stairs are designed by our skilled construction experts. Diameter, height, step angles, landings and directions vary to cover the relevant regulatory requirements and optimise user friendliness. The spiral stairs are supplied with standard child-proofing as regards the rails and the distance between the steps.

Exterior stairs come with steps and landings of grating with mesh size 34x44mm or 34x11mm. The railing is executed with handrail pipe of 34 or 42 mm and posts in 20 mm diameter pipe. All exterior stairs are supplied hot-dip galvanised for secure and lasting protection against corrosion.

Interior stairs come with steps and landings of steel plate with coating or steel plate with reinforcement for screeds and tiling. Handrails of varnished pipe, stainless steel or wood. Posts of 20 mm diameter pipe.