New Hokksund treatment plant

On behalf of Øvre Eiker municipality, NCC started work on building the Hokksund treatment plant in January 2023.

The new Hokksund treatment plant will be a modern facility and, upon completion, will have its treatment capacity doubled. Space-moulded closed tanks and pools, with associated point extraction and odour reduction systems, are planned, which will ensure a good indoor climate in the building.

Upon completion, the Hokksund treatment plant will have an extended purification process, which includes nitrogen purification and a tightening of phosphorus removal to 95 percent. This upgrade of the treatment plant will have positive effects for Drammenselva and contribute with the high treatment requirements also to a cleaner Oslofjord.

The new treatment plant is scheduled for completion in the 1st quarter of 2025 and has a price tag of NOK 330 million.

For this project, Jotne Ankers will supply an external spiral staircase, lacquered railings in internal concrete stairs, hatches in aluminium and aluminium plank over pools and tanks and industrial stairs, decks and work platforms in steel, with GRP grates and stainless industrial railings.