New Radium Hospital 2024

New Radium Hospital 2024


In the period 2019 to 2024, two new buildings have been built at Radiumhospitalet - a new clinic building and a proton building. The clinic building contains many of the same activities that take place in the hospital. The proton therapy building houses the highly advanced equipment required to be able to offer proton therapy, an offer patients previously had to go abroad to receive. The building will also contain other activities related to radiation therapy at Radiumhospitalet. Helse Sør-East RHF is the client and owner of the project.

In the summer of 2023, work on facades and interior work began, and Jotne Ankers has delivered for this project:

- Special interior staircase, straight staircase in suspension brace with handrails in self-supporting glass in Glassgate

- Self-supporting glass railings on deck edges in Glassgate

- Steel stairs with self-supporting glass railings

- Straight stairs in technical rooms

- Spiral staircase in technical room

- Platforms and walkways made in technical rooms

- Steel railings

- Handrails

- Bollards

- Column and wall protection

- Wall ladder

- Steel and aluminum slats and slats on walls