Student housing Elvesletta, Svalbard

Student housing Elvesletta, Svalbard


Skanska Husfabrikken has built student housing for Norway's Arctic student community on Svalbard.

The project consists of two relatively similar blocks that have been built and put together by modules on Elvesletta outside Longyearbyen. The 403 modules that make up the buildings are transported by boat from Husfabrikken in Steinkjer to Svalbard.

Norway's Arctic student organization will be able to accommodate 280 students when all units in the student housing have been taken into use. In total, the project is approximately 9,000 square meters, and was completed by the start of school in 2021.

The special thing about this delivery is that Jotne Ankers has installed internal stairs while the building was in modules at the factory in Steinkjer.


Jotne Ankers has delivered for this project:

- Spiral staircases, outside

- Straight staircases, inside and outside

- Ramps

- Railings type type Ankers og Fornebu with simple handrails

- Railings type type Ankers og Fornebu with double handrails

- Simple and double handrails on the wall